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Battery Finder App from Panasonic

Batteries are now found in virtually every area of life: In cars, smartphones, hearing aids, and pacemakers. Life would definitely be a lot more complicated without these small energy storage systems. Ever since the first battery was made by Italian scientist Alessandro Volta in 1800, disposable and rechargeable batteries of various shapes, sizes, and capacities have been available.

The Battery Finder App delivers greater level of clarity: Designed for engineers, electronic specialists, and developers, it provides an overview of batteries available from Panasonic. Furthermore, the app recommends the ideal type of battery for a planned project. Extensive information is provided for each battery, including images and technical drawings, data sheets, a comparison function, and much more. Users can also use the app to ask Panasonic questions easily without hassle.

The convenient app is available for both iOS and android smartphones and as a web application for browsers.


Small, flexible, and universally applied: The CR-2032 lithium coin cell

The CR-2032 lithium coin cell is one of the most popular battery types on the market. These cells are used on computer mainboards as a backup battery to guarantee power to the real-time clock and the CMOS-RAMs when the PC is disconnected from the mains or shutdown. But they can also be found in numerous other electronic devices such as digital scales.

The 3V-CR-2032 coin cell from Panasonic is temperature resistant from -30°C to +60°C, weighs just 3.1 g and measures 20 mm (width) x 3.20 mm (height). It offers a capacity of 220 mAh.

The Battery Finder App allows you to find the ideal coin cell for your needs - before ordering it directly from the Rutronik24 Shop.