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No need to stir!

  Newsletter Article

Coffee. For many of us it’s the elixir of life that gets our bodies going and fuels our thinking – especially in the morning. Seventy-two percent of Germans regularly drink coffee in all possible forms, from black and latte macchiato to hazelnut-kebab-flavor creations from large chains.

No matter what kind you prefer: what’s important is that the coffee remains hot for a long time – and, unless you drink it black, that you’ve always got a spoon to stir at hand. This is not always easy on the road. And let’s face it: coffee-to-go cups are not exactly the best thing for the environment.

These are three things that the Auto-Mix coffee mug solves at once: on the one hand, it has a double wall that keeps hot and cold drinks at the desired temperature for a long time; on the other hand, it is of course reusable. But here’s the key thing: the cup stirs itself for you! A spiral at the bottom of the cup stirs your drink of choice for you – just press the button on the handle. This also works on the road and in the car, because the lid with a drinking opening provided with the cup ensures that the coffee doesn’t spill on your lily-white shirt. Especially before meetings, there’s nothing more embarrassing. We know that from our own experience.

You can find out more about the Auto-Mix here