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Mr. Sandman …

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No home is complete without one and it is as German as beer, socks in sandals, and Tatort on a Sunday: the hot-water bottle. We associate it with our earliest childhood memories. As a youngster, running around outside as the seasons change, it is easy to catch a cold. In the ‘Head cold first-aid kit,” which mom got from grandma, who in turn got it from her grandma … you know what we’re getting at here.


The run-of-the-mill rubber hot-water bottle, however, has one major disadvantage. The direct contact of the material on the skin immediately after filling can cause burns. This is precisely what happened to the founder of TROY when he fell asleep with a hot-water bottle on his stomach. The basic idea for an improved model was born.
The key component comes from the field of energy storage: sand. In the hot climate zones of the world, solar energy systems are used to heat large quantities of sand in order to make the energy storable. This very technology is also used in the TROY hot-water bottle. The side of the cover facing the body remains at a comfortable temperature for the skin, while the sand contained within stores the heat over a long period of time.
It is a clever idea and we like it - get it at