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Who is actually... Cagla Kresic?

  Newsletter Article

Cagla Kresic has been working in Rutronik24's internal sales support since July 1, 2014 – meaning she has just this month celebrated three years in the job. And Rutronik24 is a family affair for her too. She covers the Saarland and Freiburg areas, as well as Stuttgart and Ulm - and in those latter two areas her sister Oya Cicek-Cagan is her team partner in field sales.

- What would you do with a million euros?

My husband and I would buy a big house on a lake, with lots of fruit trees, and a variety of flowerbeds. Another dream I would love to fulfill is to travel all around the world. Because it is important to me to help people less well off than myself, I would also use part of the money to support those in need.


- What helps you to think?

The best way is to go on a walk in nature, while listening to my favorite music. I especially love listening to Fazil Say, an internationally renowned Turkish pianist.


- What is your favorite vacation destination, and why?

I really prefer beach holidays for there's no better place to relax than at the beach!  And I also love going shopping! It's an integral part of my vacations, so I choose my destination depending on the possibility for a good shopping spree, too. And of course I'm interested in sights and landmarks!

- If you could take three things with you to a desert island, what would you take?

I wouldn't need anything special: lipstick, a mirror, and a knife.


- What food can you not resist?

It sounds very simple - and is - but my favorite dish is noodles with tomato sauce!


- What was your dream job as a child?

Professional boxer!