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Who counts on us: TresCom Technology GmbH

  Newsletter Article

TresCom Technology GmbH is a small to medium-sized company located in Berlin. The main business area is in the traffic and communication technology for the transport sector, like the development of train driver terminals, ticket machines, schedule information computers and passenger information systems. One of the main points is the production, testing and measurement technology as well as the maintenance of the complex and challenging products.

Next to the operational business as service provider, TresCom also develops new customer specific products. We place great emphasis on reliability, highest quality and outstanding price/performance ratio. In this way the company was able to gain experience and convince the market and customers of its performance.

Within our strategic company development „Aufbau der Entwicklungsabteilung” (setting up the RnD Department), finished in 2010, as well as by recruiting new employees, we strongly intensify proceeding with research and development. Our aspiration is to improve each and every day, in order to develop products which show technical advancements and are more energy efficiency. Globalization and a highly competitive market situation can only be managed with increased know-how e.g. creating designs from 3D printers and tapping new innovative markets. In this area the main focus of TresCom is design work as well as demanding measurement technology.

Over the last couple of years, TresCom Technology GmbH  developed more and more products out of customer specific ideas and works in close collaboration with research institutes like the Frauenhofer Institut. This requires a reliable and trustworthy partner in distribution to realize our projects - which we found in Rutronik24.