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What we like - Good morning, sunshine

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“Beep … beep … beep … BEEPBEEPBEEPBEEP” – are you familiar with this? That’s the sound of the daily waking-up ritual of millions of people all over the world. The penetrating tone of the alarm clock wrests us from the land of Nod and we start to bash the snooze button.

But it’s no use; we have to get up sometime. We drag ourselves out of bed half asleep and head toward the bathroom, then the breakfast table, and finally to work. A relaxed start to the day looks somewhat different, particularly since the body is subjected to stress by being woken so abruptly.

It would be so much nicer if we could be woken in relaxed style by the day’s first rays of sunshine. But our boss would probably find it rather unrelaxing, particularly in winter, if we were well rested, but didn’t turn up at the office until ten o’clock – or we didn’t show up all day, because the sun was hidden behind a thick wall of cloud. All the same, it’s a nice idea. Philips thought the same and developed the sunrise Wake-up Light for this purpose.

The Wake-up Light simulates sunrise over a period of half an hour and thus signals to the body that it is daybreak. The device gradually increases the light intensity to a level of up to 300 lux, while the light spectrum changes in stages from a soft morning red to bright daylight. This gives the body sufficient time to prepare itself to get up. Incidentally, there is also a snooze function, just in case you want to enjoy sunrise all over again. The ideal location for the Wake-up Light is the bedside table and it should be pointed toward the pillow. It is operated using touch-sensitive controls.

The Wake-up Light also features five conventional alarm tones to stir even the most stubborn of sleepyheads from their slumber until they get used to being woken by daylight. And it goes without saying that there is a radio for tuning into the station of your choice so that you can hear the best of the eighties, nineties, and the best of today’s music.

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