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trippe industrieelectronic gmbh: Tradition makes its way into the next decade – and Rutronik is with it!

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A traditional company from Dortmund is ready for the future: trippe industrieelectronic gmbh is showing that entrepreneurial spirit and strong will combined with innovative strength and vision are the best tools for the future – and also proving that the company is a dependable partner for both customers and suppliers alike.

Having once been solely an OEM supplier/developer/manufacturer, trippe has now evolved into a self-confident supplier of products in its own right.

This beneficial reorganization didn’t come about by chance at the time: When the decision was taken to change direction, this was also due to the potential loss of a very big customer.

After holding many long talks, conducting analyses, and taking stock, it soon became clear how much potential trippe had and how much expertise it had built up over a period of 70 years since the company was founded. The next logical step was to release this potential and expertise.

A decision was taken within the team at the time to go down the route of developing and manufacturing the company’s own products. Fully aware of the rocky road ahead, the committed team began to manufacture its own products on the basis of its core expertise in the field of open- and closed-loop control systems. Through more than 40 years of experience in the area of heating and ventilation systems for industrial halls, among others, trippe concentrated its efforts on this subject to begin with and developed the triControl system for industrial hall heating systems.

The aim was to create a control system available in modular form from the smallest unit to the biggest possible stage of expansion. In addition, the system had to meet the latest standards and be capable of being controlled by smartphone, tablet, or PC. To this end, trippe developed a special browser-based Web server that customers can purchase so that they don’t have to store their data on just any server located somewhere in the world.

The trippe solutions are suitable for any company, regardless of whether a small trade firm with a warm air heater or a bigger company with 20 large industrial halls.

Long-standing, reliable partners like Rutronik24 provided valuable support here. By offering constant, competent product advice, ensuring top delivery readiness, and providing help in selecting microprocessors and implementing NFC and gesture control in future projects, Rutronik remains a strong partner for the next generation of products.

One system – modular, integrable, and, above all, affordable!

Various facets of the series are currently undergoing further development. As a result, triControl is now being used in the lighting sector and many other areas.

trippe will also continue to invest heavily in innovations over the coming years in order to develop new products and improve existing product systems for their customers.


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