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The degree° In-Ear Thermometer

Our immune system is a powerful weapon that our bodies can use to defend itself against all kinds of viruses, microorganisms and external objects. An unpleasant side effect of this mechanism is fever. Especially in infants and children, when the immune system is fighting its first battles against pathogens, the body's temperature rises to more than the healthy 96.8 to 99 °F.


Pediatricians advise regularly checking and monitoring your children's body temperature. This can usually be done using a household fever thermometer. The temperature can be measured at various points on the body, although it's no surprised that babies and toddlers don't take too kindly to being poked around with a thermometer. To make taking the temperature a more pleasant experience for the kids and to preserve the parents' sanity and eardrums, a practical tool is now available in the form of the "degree°".


The "degree°" is an in-ear thermometer that children can wear day & night thanks to the skin-compatible materials and wearing comfort. At a size of 1.6 x 1.6 inches, the thermometer weighs barely 5.4 grams. Thanks to smart sensors, "degree°" allows your child's temperature to be monitored continuously. If the fever exceeds a certain limit or if the temperature rises too quickly, "degree°" sends an alert to your smartphone. The technical precision is +/- 0.18 °F. And you don't need to worry about emissions - the "degree°" doesn't transmit collected data constantly, but instead only sends it on request to your smartphone in small packages. For this purpose, a brand-new SoC from Nordic Semiconductor known as nRF52840 has been installed.

This concept impressed over 290 investors on Kickstarter, meaning that the funding target of €50,000 was exceeded by far and serial production of the "degree°" was able to begin.


All information on the smart thermometer is available from