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Technology for the food of the future

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The global population continues to grow rapidly and with it the need for food. Researchers, developers, and companies are working on a number of different solutions to find ways of securing the supply of food on the planet in the future.

At present, there are around seven billion people on the earth, but this figure is expected to rise to an estimated ten billion by the year 2050. Accordingly, the matter of securing a protein-rich supply of food is critical to development over the coming decades. Aquaculture provides an opportunity to supply high-quality food with relatively few resources. However, the technological solutions must ensure that production methods are both eco-friendly and secure in order to make it possible for aquaculture to grow at all (approx. 37% increase by 2030 compared to 2016).

The company SENECT GmbH & Co. KG from Landau in the Palatinate region is working on these very solutions with the aim of producing fish from aquaculture in a way that is eco-friendly, easy on resources, and economical, while also complying with animal welfare standards. To this end, the team has developed an IoT-based control system for managing the most important processes in technical aquaculture systems. This system also includes the right sensors for measuring the amount of dissolved oxygen, for example, as well as the actuators that are driven. The actuator portfolio is comprehensive, ranging from simple solenoid valves to complete drum filter systems used for filtering particles from the water.

The control electronics are at the heart of any efficient technical system. Rutronik24 is a reliable partner in this regard and is on hand to answer technical questions and provide advice on selecting the right parts. A key feature of the close collaboration is the constant contact with the innovative Rutronik24 team.