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STM – 400/650 V MDmeshTM DM2: STMicroelectronics' new MOSFET series with integrated fast-recovery body diode

  Newsletter Article

New super-junction technology with fast intrinsic diode ideal for telecom, automotive and solar high-power systems.

The MDmesh™ DM2 is a new MOSFET silicon-based Technology with a fast-recovery intrinsic diode. This new 400/650V series achieves up to 40% better RDS(on) than earlier versions thanks to ST’s super-junction technology, combined with an excellent performance in terms of trr/Qrr and the industry’s best soft switching performance.

Furthermore, the new MDmesh DM2 family is among the best in terms of turn-off energy (Eoff) at high currents and also shows a low gate charge, input capacitance and a fast recovery phase of the intrinsic diode.