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Rutronik24 has been supplying Röders on a reliable basis for more than five years

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Röders GmbH is a mechanical engineering firm that produces high-speed milling machines. Other business segments include mold making for PET bottle molds and the production of high-end gift items.

Röders exhibited its first machine at the Hanover Fair in 1991. In the years following, HSC machine engineering developed to become the company's largest business segment with subsidiaries in the US, China, Vietnam and France.
With their exceptional depth of development in build and control and feedback control systems, our high-speed milling machines are optimized to provide the highest possible performance in machining accuracy, surface quality and dynamics. Various production processes can be combined in HSC machines. If necessary, the machines are automated using proprietary solutions. More than 2500 machines are now installed in over 50 countries worldwide.

We have found a reliable partner in Rutronik24 who enables us to equip our machines with high-end control components. Rutronik24 helps us select the right products and offers us exactly the right delivery modalities for our needs.
Rutronik24 always has the right components in its product range, whether we need a mainboard from Fujitsu, a processor from Intel or a flash memory from Swissbit. And if an item is not available for a reason, you can be sure that Röders can source it.
One of the greatest challenges we are confronted with is preliminary planning for material requirements, because only about half the materials are destined for the production of new machines. Upgrades and service often require the short-term replenishment of local stocks to make sure production does not come to a standstill. Rutronik24 fills the gap here by offering rapid delivery times for the materials Röders uses. The Röders service is capable of reacting quickly to impending standstills and providing overnight support to customers.