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Rutronik includes 3-to-8 Cell Li-ion Battery Pack Monitor from Intersil in its portfolio

Created by Reza Magdounieh |   Suppliers

Ispringen (Germany), May 4, 2017 – The new ISL94202 from Intersil is a high integration battery front end, measuring the cell voltages for three to eight cells. The full feature battery front end meets UL specified pack safety requirements. It enables pack designs needing SoC and SoH status when using an external microcontroller.

The 3-to-8 cell Li-ion battery pack monitor has a high side current sense measurement and can measure up to two temperature sensors. It can also control high side nMOS protection FETs in a series Charge/Discharge configuration as well as external passive cell balancing switches. The device can either operate with an external microcontroller with communication controlled by the I2C serial bus, or it can be used as a standalone protector.

In standalone mode, the IS94202 protects that pack from over voltage, under voltage, pack short circuit, pack over temperature, and large cell mismatches. The internal EEPROM non-volatile store can be user configured to program protection settings to enable low cost packs without the need of an external microcontroller. Power consumption is 13µA (typ) in sleep mode and less than 1µA in power down mode enabling long term pack storage without fully discharging the battery cells.

The ISL94202 is packaged in a 48 lead thin 6.0x6.0mm QFN package, supports hot plug connection and can withstand the full industrial temperature range from -40°C up to +85°C. The target applications include industrial and consumer battery operated goods (e.g. power tools and toys), home appliances, e-bikes and energy storage systems.


The ISL94202 is available at as of now.