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New sensors are set to solve parking problems in Germany: Smart City System GmbH

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Smart City System GmbH, founded in January 2017 and based in Nuremberg, wants to navigate drivers to free parking spaces across entire cities by digitalizing parking areas. According to studies, up to 30 percent of traffic in cities is caused by drivers searching for a parking space.

The five-strong team that formed the company met while studying at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and identified the parking problems across the university site and in the city early on. Previous solutions for detecting individual parking spaces were either too expensive or highly complex to install, inspiring the company founders to develop a more practicable system. The positive feedback received from customers on the initial prototypes led to the founding of the company.

The aim now is to develop a solution to digitalize all parking areas in more detail while helping customers to implement specific usage concepts. To realize this vision, market-ready parking space sensors were developed within the space of two and a half years. The sensors are stuck onto parking spaces, have a service life of between five and seven years, and can simply be replaced.

The information relating to specific parking spaces is kept on the server of Smart City System GmbH and supplied to customers via application programming interfaces. By making available this live data, we allow our customers to direct their visitors to specific parking spaces in the parking lot, run a more efficient parking lot monitoring operation, and gather data for statistical purposes. The system can be used to find parking spaces in a wide range of places, including city centers, park and ride sites, supermarkets, and electric charging points as well as visitors' parking spaces and truck parking spaces at highway rest areas. In addition to cities like Dresden, customers to date include Aldi Nord, Edeka, VW, Vodafone, and EnBW.

Carlos Ramos from Rutronik24 is supporting Smart City System GmbH by providing advice and supplying various components. We look forward to continuing to work closely with the company on existing and future products relating to the concept of digital parking.