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A Frequency That Connects - ProLogistik & Rutronik24

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Not all partnerships are alike. Especially when trading in electronic parts, fluctuating prices and customers are part of normal day-to-day business. Even in this fast-moving environment, however, it is possible to cooperate as partners and to grow together. This is impressively documented by the connection between proLogistik and Rutronik24.

Starting out small, the two companies managed not only to become established as specialists in their industries, but also to be seen as international brands for best quality and service among their customers.

proLogistik GmbH + Co KG is known as a specialist for individual overall solutions in intralogistics. It develops its own hard- and software for intralogistics. As a system provider, the company has been a competent contact for many industries in the areas of warehouse management and material flow control for more than 30 years.

About 150 employees are working internationally to optimise storage processes and make the material flows more transparent and efficient. With more than 700 installations, proLogistik has installed customised system solutions around the world. In order to meet the demand for innovation and performance, the company never stopped developing the technology used further since its early days. In addition to the internally developed and produced on-board computer series "pro-V-pad", the company offers, among others, voice clients for speech-supported picking, handheld and bar code scanners, stationary scanners, printer systems and stationary radio hardware.

It is very important for a producing company such as proLogistik that the electronic components used are provided by a distributor who can act as a strong partner and advisor who knows how to contribute his "know how" and who is able to deliver reliably from his comprehensive product range.

Last, Rutronik24 advised proLogistik in developing the new industry touch PC "pro-V-pad Classic x64". Rutronik24 helped compile the elementary components, such as flash memory and RAM, mainboard, sensors and radio modules according to their properties, and fine-tune them in a test series.

After the new product successfully completed the test series, it was "of the utmost importance that the distributor was able to keep the components used and tested at hand for us at all times and deliver them just in time," says Mr Steinsick, head of hardware development at proLogistik.

Rutronik24 makes sure of this by its willingness to keep comprehensive stocks, which means that proLogistik is able to call the components flexibly and install them in own devices at once. It is a frequency that connects. All parties are sure of that.


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