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A new stage in life

Created by Jan Schneider |   Trainee Blog

Introductory week for new apprentices and dual study degree students

For young people, an apprenticeship and a blended degree mark the start of a new stage in life, when they make the transition from school to gainful activity. And so it was for the 24 apprentices and blended degree students who arrived at the Rutronik conference room in Ispringen on Friday, September 1, full of anticipation for the next three years. Twenty four individuals who are a part of the whole that is Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH.

Rutronik offers these young people the opportunity to achieve new goals and to master new challenges. As a new apprentice at Rutronik, I also took part in the introductory week and would like to report my impressions of the event.

The first week was packed with highlights from all areas of the company. We started by getting to know the company and the other apprentices during an introductory meeting. This broke the ice and was followed directly by the tour of the company. Quality management and occupational safety were the first aspects that we examined here. Rules and regulations as well as fixed routines form an integral part of our working day, and for this reason they were explained to us in detail during the introductory training.

Another element was the topic of “business etiquette“, which is so important during everyday working life. This involved learning the correct way to deal with colleagues and business partners. All of us were expected to work as a team and to cooperate actively, which in turn enabled us to provide our own input to the training. In addition to these topics, we addressed different forms of communication, structured working, and soft skills.

At the end of the introductory week, yet another highlight awaited: a two-day trip to Bad Herrenalb – very relaxed and away from the company. These days offered us further exciting impressions, initial experiences of team work, and perspectives of what to expect during the next few months. The most exciting team task involved designing and constructing a protective mechanism from paper and Sellotape to prevent an egg thrown out of the window from breaking on the ground. A one-hour, energy-sapping negotiation involving a pen, paper and a sharpener as part of a simulation game and a daring hike along a river bed kept everyone in good spirits. The day ended with a communal evening meal in a relaxed atmosphere that allowed everyone to get to know one another better.

After this introductory week, each individual was ready to show up and take his or her place in the respective departments. The foundation for a successful start to the apprenticeship and the degree was laid and we would like to finish by thanking the entire team led by Julia Kolem and Lena Schmid.