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Congratulations on Graduating

Created by Julia Kolem |   Trainee Blog

After two and a half years of intensive learning, classwork, and a lot of practical work, it was finally almost over, with the final examination moments away.

Three of our training program participants attacked it with bravery in February, and successfully completed their programs to become qualified merchants in wholesale and external trade with an additional qualification to be IT specialists in system integration.

Rutronik warmly congratulates Sabrina Hollerbach, Marcel Kappler, and Moritz Sachs on their achievement. At a small event, Marco Nabinger, Markus Ziegler, and Julia Kolem congratulated the program participants on their successful graduation and handed them a small acknowledgment to say thank you.

Now they are beginning a new chapter of their lives - entry into professional life. Our former participants have now assumed demanding roles in IT, forecast management, and materials administration. We are happy that all three could start off at Rutronik and commence their journey to a successful future together with us. We wish them good luck and all the best as they take up their new duties and we look forward to continuing working with them.

However, finishing the training program doesn't mean it's the end yet. One of our three former participants thought this too, with Marcel Kappler deciding to return to the books in October to complete a study program in Business Administration - Management in Commerce with an integrated work component at Rutronik.

Marco Nabinger (Director IT/Security), Julia Kolem (Specialist personnel development), Moritz Sachs, Marcel Kappler, Sabrina Hollerbach, Markus Ziegler (Head of IT)