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At last! Temperatures are finally rising above 20 degrees – T-shirt weather, wheat beer weather, barbecue weather. In short, it is time to sit outside and get some sun on your face.

Picture the scene: You're relaxing on a sun lounger with a cool drink by your side - and all around you is an army of wasps. Even though the black and yellow insects are actually going about their business peacefully, nobody likes them. They sting and they are annoying. In a nutshell, they ruin people's peace and quiet wherever they go. Wasps were a real pain last summer and it probably won't be any different this summer.

This is where the dummy wasp nest comes into play. The 18x25-centimeter dummy nests weigh just 25 grams and work without the need for poison, chemicals, or intrusive smells. Approaching wasps consider them to be nests of other colonies and avoid the perceived foreign territory for a radius of about 75 meters. The manufacturer even promises that they prevent the construction of real wasps' nests if they are hung up in spring. The dummies are made of paper and should therefore be positioned in places that are sheltered from the rain.