Melexis Stray Field Immune Hall Position Sensors

The MLX90371 Series

Building upon the long legacy of Triaxis® sensors, the MLX90371 brings substantial improvements over the previous generation. The new stray field immune mode drastically reduces or even eliminates the effect of stray fields from other magnets or current carrying conductors found in electrified vehicles and supports both on-axis rotary or linear motion with a four-pole or two-pole magnet, respectively.

For customers not requiring stray field compatibility, or those requiring off-axis sensing, the MLX90371 is also backwards compatible in both pinout and magnetic design to the MLX90364 and MLX90365 that utilize a two-pole magnet. Additionally many aspects of the sensor are improved including EMC capability, higher temperature operation (up to 160°C ambient), and thermal drift performance. Finally these sensors offer ASIL-B (SEooC) readiness and fully-redundant dual-die package option.


  • Highly flexible and robust position sensor
  • In-application programmable
  • Stray field immune (up to 4kA/m) mode of operation
  • Analog or PWM output (MLX90372: SENT output)
  • EMC capable to automotive OEM requirements
  • ASIL-B (SEooC) (MLX90732: ASIL-C)
  • Ta = -40 ... 160°C


  • SOIC-8, single-die package
  • TSSOP-16, redundant dual-die package
  • DMP-4, single-die PCB-less package

The MLX90393 Series

Embedded application?

In case you are working on an embedded application, check out this low-cost flexible micropower 3D Hall position sensor: MLX90393.

Application examples

Robotics, Humanoids

Buttons, Knobs, Joysticks

Buttons, Knobs, Joysticks

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