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23RD JUNE 2020

Greetings from the Host

Due to the current situation 2020 will be the most challenging year ever in electronics industry. Lots of limitations in private and professional environment complicate business as usual and we need to be creative to keep the motor running. Likewise also information search is in change and digitalisation gets a boost when keeping yourself up to date. 

Considering this Rutronik decided to host 1st „Digital Rutronik Forum @ SENSOR+TEST“ and cordially invites visitors across the globe. It doesn’t matter if you join from office or home office  - you will get a free of charge update on state of the art IoT solutions from industry leading manufacturers – even without traveling traces or expensive overnight stays. Don’t miss the chance and join when electronic experts meet for professional exchange in the 1st Digital Rutronik Forum.




Markus Balke 

Participating Suppliers
5 Sessions - 5 Manufacturers

Digital Rutronik Forum @ SENSOR+TEST


Marc Schaefer

Senior Sales Manager Europe Bosch SE

Florian Caulet

Field Application Engineer Europe Bosch SE


Quality, performance & prolonged availability - The Bosch Sensortec Longevity Program for MEMS motion and barometric pressure sensors


The Bosch Sensortec Longevity program is offering MEMS sensing solutions for industrial applications with a very high level of quality, performance and robustness, paired with a prolonged product availability.

With the focus of the Inertial Measurement Unit BMI090L, the acceleration sensor BMA490L and the barometric pressure sensor BMP390L we will demonstrate the high degree of quality and reliability of our products and show how our high-performance sensors, specifically developed for industrial use cases, significantly improve device performance.


Tobias Bukowski

Global Distribution Marketing Manager Sensors Infineon


IoT Predictive Maintenance solution by Infineon


In our session we are going to demonstrate our IoT Predictive Maintenance for industrial applications with sensors, microcontrollers and security chips from Infineon.

All of the devices come in a maker- and engineer-friendly environment and are Arduino compatible. This allows an easy and fast evaluation and integration of our devices in your solution.

After a short video to showcase our predictive maintenance demo, our expert Tobias Bukowski will present you more insights and will be available for a Q&A session.


Vitor Ribeiro

Sales & Marketing Manager NJRC


A virtual walk through of NJRC's competitive Analog & Sensor portfolio


Join us on a walk through New Japan Radio's virtual booth where we will showcase Operational Amplifier, Optical- and Microwave Sensors.

Starting point of the tour will be NJR's low power, high efficiency Op-Amps with built-in RF immunity. How can they help to improve your analog design and what is the impact of RF immunity? How can your design benefit from these advanced features combination?

Next we are going to introduce fully integrated radar sensors. Learn the advantages of microwave sensors as presence detector for a wide variety of applications spanning from lighting control, intrusion detection for alarm systems to industrial zone protection and proximity switches. What differentiates a microwave sensor from other technologies and how does NJR's approach help to shorten design times and time to market for your new product.

At the last stop on our virtual booth you will meet NJR's optical sensors suitable for a wide variety of applications. Wide spectrum, high sensitivity Photo Diodes in small packages for industrial light barriers, ToF systems and smoke detectors - all based on NJR's advanced process and packaging technologies. Combining photo diodes with LEDs in one small package opens new application areas towards more compact and cost efficient designs for e.g. industrial, consumer and medical applications.


Pasi Myllymaki

Product Marketing Manager EMEA ST Microelectronics

Vladimir Janousek

Application Team Manager EMEA ST Microelectronics


ST Sensor Solutions for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

  • Introduction to Predictive Maintenance (PdM) and Condition Monitoring(CM)
  • A review of ST's MEMS and sensor portfolio including our new IIS3DWB MEMS vibrometer
  • An overview of our development ecosystem including hardware and software tools for designing PdM and CM applications
  • How to simplify prototyping and testing of advanced industrial IoT applications using our new SensorTile Wireless industrial Node (STWIN) development kit and reference design

Nick Czarnecki

Global Marketing Manager Magnetic Position Sensors Melexis


Melexis launches new 3D magnetic sensor for automotive and industrial applications


The new 3D magnetic sensor enables a variety of low power, low size, and low cost position sensing ideal for human-machine interfaces like multifunction switches, shift levers, and actuators.

It offers a wide programmable magnetic range (including a 120mT field version), selectable operating modes and speed, digital output, and on-chip calibration data, making it flexible and accurate enough to fit into nearly any rotary, linear or joystick application. It is AEC-Q100 qualified and RoHS compliant.

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