Digital Rutronik Forum - Frequency Converters

September 24th, 2020

Greetings from the Host

Following the successful launch of the Digital Rutronik Forum in June 2020 (@ Sensor + Test), we are now pleased to inform you of the second event in the series. The positive feedback we received from the previous event has confirmed to us, that the flow of information about the latest technologies and trends are of course important, but even more so in times of COVID, where companies are frequently looking for ways to use different platforms and introduce new innovations.

At the “Digital Rutronik Forum: Challenges and solutions to design state of the art frequency converters”, you can access a series of technical presentations from leading suppliers of electronic components, where you will be shown innovative focus products optimised for use in frequency converter applications.

We invite you to take this opportunity to meet the experts and, if so wished, to exchange information with them on the day.

We look forward to seeing you at this next Digital Rutronik Forum!


Markus Balke 

Participating Suppliers

3 Sessions - 3 Manufacturers | Please register separately

Digital Rutronik Forum - Frequency Converters


Jürgen Gewinner

Field Application Engineer - Vishay Corporate Business Development

Peter Sultanow

Manager Product Marketing - Vishay Film Capacitors Europe


Discover the Vishay portfolio of Film Capacitors – From Input Filter to DC-Link and Snubber. Leading edge with brand new products

September 24th - 09:30 AM (CET)


Power Electronics in Automotive and Industrial Segment is main driver for innovations and enhancements in Film Capacitor Technology. All new products offer higher robustness at high humidity and increased temperature. The MKP1848 has just been fully release in broadest Voltage and Capacitance range in the market. The vast of package dimensions completes the series. We will present an design study with information to our Datasheet´s and typical questions in the design-in phase.


Dr. Stephan Chmielus

Senior Manager FAE Industrial Power Control


Reaching best performance for your frequency inverter with Si or SiC power switches

September 24th - 11:00 AM (CET)


The silicon IGBT has been the main working horse for frequency inverters for many years. New silicon carbid MOSFETs enable designs which were previously not practical. In this session the differences between IGBTs and MOSFETs and where they can be used will be explained in a case study.


Bruno Boury

Product Line Manager Current Sensors


How Hall-based integrated current sensors facilitate designer's lives in frequency converters

September 24th - 14:00 PM (CET)


Here are some classic problems engineers are facing when developing converters/inverters for challenging applications like variable frequency drives, DCDC converters and power supplies/chargers:

  • PCB real estate is very small - downsizing (footprint and thickness) is required
  • bandwidth requirements are increasing for higher efficiency and newer wafer technology beyond std Si IGBTs
  • fast HW overcurrent detection features are required for power module protection
  • reference voltages are used throughout the PCB but not applied to the current sensor
  • thermal dissipation considerations with shunts are imposing harder cooling requirements
  • dense power electronics are a harsh environment generating stray fields from nearby current traces or inductances
  • flexible plug&play solutions are needed for different current ranges

Melexis will present a solution to these problems with a new addition to its portfolio.

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