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iMOTION™ - Modular Application Design Kit 

Complete and Scalable Evaluation Platform for Motor drives

The new iMOTION™ Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) offers a complete and scalable evaluation and testing platform for compact and flexible 3 phase motor drive solutions.

With the Platform 115/230V motor drive applications up to 300W are supported. Due to 2 different control board options and a range of power boards the platform offers a modular and scalable solution.

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Evaluation kits overview

Typ Ordering Code Article number Content
EVAL-M1-1302_05-65D SP001591902 TMOS1265 Eval-M1-1302, Eval-M1-05-65D, USB cable, 3pole & 5pole connector
EVAL-M1-1302_36-45A SP001592034 TMOS1266 Eval-M1-1302, Eval-M1-36-45A, USB cable
IRSM836-084MATR SP001549934 TMOS1268 µIPM™ 250V
IRSM836-045MATR SP001544294 TMOS1269 µIPM™ 500V
IRSM505-084DA SP001546580 TMOS1270 µIPM™-DIP 250V
IRSM505-065DA SP001549108 TMOS1271 µIPM™-DIP 500V

Board overview

Xmc1300 kit

The first iMOTION™ MADK evaluation kits combine two control board options with four different power boards. Using the iMOTION™ standardized M1 platform interface, different control and power boards can be combined in a system that perfectly matches the requirements of the application. 


Key features

Control Board & Power Board Options

  • MCU control card with XMC1302 MCU and SEGGER J-Link debug interface
    • µC Probe-based GUI for motor parametrization and tuning with XMC1302
    • FOC motor control software for XMC1302
    • Fully supported by Infineons’s fee-of-charge DAVE™ IDE and other 3rd party ARM® IDEs (for XMC 1302)
  • IRMCK099 Control card with MCE TOOL V2 (as an alternative)
    • MCE Designer GUI for motor parametrization and tuning with IRMCK099
    • Hardware implemented FOC algorithm
  • 4 different power boards with µIPM™ or µIPM™-DIP with integrated 500v or 250V MOSFET & Gate-Driver

Customer benefits

  • Set up a complete motor drive system in less than 1 hour
  • Time to market due to reduced design in time & effort
  • Modularity, flexibility and scalability with standard MADK platform M1
  • Scalable power levels with µIPM™ and µIPM™-DIP

Target Applications

  • Motor Drive Applications up to 300W
  • Motor control
  • Pumps
  • Fans
Motor Control

Application Examples

Block diagram with XMC1302 based MADK