Professional Monitors.


Interactive Displays

Touching a display on a smartphone or on a tablet computer becomes more and more common to us. Today the application of large size monitors with interactive screens are more and more often installed in meeting rooms where people are together for presentaions and meetings, brain storming and making notes directly into presentation sheets. The very flexible and efficient systems with interactive displays are saving time and money.

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When a single monitor size gets too small and there is need of a big image area, the videowall monitors are a very good solution. Even with bright environmental light they show a clear picture. The long life LED backlights guarantee a non-stop use for years without interruption. A built in system for enlarging incoming video signals make installations easy. Very high resolution pictures are displayed by videowalls with native quality.

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Digital Signage

So many applications have been replaced from a static poster or sign to a professional monitor in the shop- and retail business, in stores and public places for a good reason - saving time and money. On points of sale or interest we find professional monitors, displaying information or entertainment, with or without the option of interactivity.

Indoor and outdoor, protected and readable also in very bright environments.

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Conference Rooms

When a conference room is planned there are very often spcialists needed to find solutions for the customers' wishes. No matter what size the conference room has got, it always depends on the technical environment if the room can be used easily for everyone. It happens often that technical support is needed when visitors come into a conference room and want to make a presentation with their own playback system like a notebook. Rutronik is supporting conference room planning and installation, offering also the hardware and signal management, programming and installing as well as training for application at the customers' place.

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