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Zurich Start-Up Revolutionizes Mosquito Protection with Biopulse Technology

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On November 11, 2016, at 11:11 a.m., Richard Karlsson laid the foundation stone of Nopixglobal AG with a Zurich notary. The CEO of the company, which has ten employees today, is not superstitious. But with the ambitious goal of introducing a completely new mosquito-repellent technology to the market, he knew that, in addition to an irrepressible will and many sleepless nights, an extra portion of luck couldn’t do any harm. The Swiss native had been enthusiastic about technology since childhood. But when he learned about the invention of a chemical-free mosquito repellent by the physicist and high-frequency expert Kurt Stoll, he knew it would change his life forever.

Kurt Stoll is the exact opposite of Karlsson. He’s a quiet, introverted explorer on a lonely mission. During various visits to Africa for Siemens, Stoll was touched by the suffering caused by malaria. From then on, he devoted himself to searching for a technical protection against mosquitoes, the carriers of so many deadly diseases – something that would be effective but without harmful chemicals. Over the next few decades, during which he carried out research on mosquitoes from the point of view of a physicist rather than a biologist, he and scientists from the University of Tübingen developed various technical devices – some of which were ineffective, and some of which were so powerful that they eradicated half of the mosquito population at the Tropical Institute in Basel all at once. Stoll made it his goal not to harm the animals, as he knew about their important place in the ecosystem. If only they didn’t bite. It was only improvements in processor technology in recent years and finally the support of Karlsson that brought the breakthrough. Stoll knew he couldn’t market the technology alone. But he was too concerned that the project would be crushed by false partners and that the technology would never reach those who needed its protection the most. He consistently rejected all purchase offers. Only with Richard Karlsson, who made such a different impression, did a cooperation come about. Without elegant suits and sophisticated PowerPoint presentations but with enthusiasm for the humanitarian mission, the two men got along immediately.

Karlsson got to work straightaway, put together a team, and began to develop the prototypes to market maturity. When it comes to industrialization, both men count on Switzerland as the location of choice, because the production of the technology has proven to be very difficult and requires the highest precision and quality. From the beginning, they have relied on parts from Rutronik. A relationship based on trust has developed and gradually, the newly created mosquito net also enjoys great popularity among the staff of Rutronik’s Main Office in Switzerland.

After countless tests in the laboratory and in various countries in which Karlsson is infected with Dengue fever, for example, a market-ready version was launched in Switzerland in 2018 and was met with enthusiasm by customers from the very beginning.

Kurt Stoll suddenly dies at the beginning of 2019. Karlsson and Nopixglobal continue his legacy. From now on, the Swiss can count even more on Rutronik. As the new official international distributor, Rutronik supports sales and helps with their experts in product development. Both now unites the common goal of revolutionizing nothing less than mosquito repellent. An extra portion of luck couldn’t do any harm.

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