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Your Own Personal Lifeguard

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Summer is now over and the kids are back in school, all patiently counting down the days until fall break and freedom from homework once again. Here at Rutronik24, we also appreciate a short fall getaway to warmer climates, preferably somewhere near the ocean.

This is how many Germans feel when they flee the freezing temperatures and gloomy atmosphere during the fall and winter months and head south. But even though you're on vacation, it doesn't always mean you can fully relax - if you have small children, you can't let them out of your sight for a single second when they're in the water. And as an adult, drowning in the ocean happens more often than you might think - big waves and a sudden cramp are enough.

This is where Ploota comes in. You wear this gadget, which kind of resembles a bike lock, around your neck while in the water. It has an air capsule in the front filled with compressed air that can either be released manually by pressing the button on the front or automatically when your head goes under water for too long. To detect this, Ploota contains sensors. If they sound the alarm, two airbags attached to the sides of the device are inflated with the compressed air from the capsule and safely bring the wearer back up to the surface. Compared with other gadgets, this has the advantage that in an emergency, the wearer's entire head is brought completely back up to the surface.

Ploota is not only designed for recreational swimmers and their children, but also for extreme athletes - so if you're a kiteboarder, surfer, or competitive swimmer, this little helper is also for you. And don't worry if your kids get a kick out of triggering Ploota just for the fun of it - simply replace the CO2 capsule and fold the airbags back up, and in no time the device will once again be ready to save the day.