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Who is actually... Svetozara Pencheva

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From Sofia to Munich: Svetozara Pencheva has been working at Rutronik for ten years and began her career in the Bulgarian office in Sofia, where she took on a variety of roles – from the external sales force to organizing customer events and recruitment. She became part of the Rutronik24 family six years ago, where she deals with international customers in the back office.

1. Tell us about your career at Rutronik/Rutronik24.
I started working in the back office at Rutronik in Bulgaria ten years ago. It was a big challenge for me as someone coming from a different career background, but thanks to outstanding training and the support of my colleagues, I soon settled in and began to gain more self-confidence. Over time, I have taken on a variety of roles - from the external sales force to organizing customer events and searching for new employees for the office. Six years ago, I took on a new challenge and made the switch to the international back office team at Rutronik24 in Munich. It is a varied job that suits me perfectly.

2. What do you most enjoy about your job?
Definitely the contact with people from completely different cultures and nations. I learn something new every day and "meet" a lot of clever minds from all over the world online. This allows me not only to observe, but also play my very own part in the development process within the electronics industry.

3. "If I won a million euros on the lotto, I would ..."
... probably travel around the world and while traveling I would think about how I could sensibly invest the rest of the money.

4. When you approach a difficult task - what helps you to think?
I take my time, sleep on it, and prioritize the individual aspects. That helps me to avoid reacting or making a decision based on my emotions. As the saying goes: "Morning is wiser than the evening."

5. Where do you prefer to go on vacation and why?
I prefer to be close to the water, whether a lake or the sea. The atmosphere helps me to relax and recharge my batteries.

6. Which book did you last read / which film did you last see and what was it about?
I am currently very taken by Marguerite Duras, a French author, and by the film about Queen! I generally admire artists who have developed their own unique style.

7. What food/confectionery are you unable to resist?
Chocolate is my biggest temptation.

8. What couldn't you do without in your life?
The freedom to be myself and the hope that the best is yet to come.

9. What is your favorite pastime?
Spending time with my family and friends is most important to me. It is even better if I can combine it with something, such as traveling to new places or trying something new.