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Who is actually... Donald Klopolski?

  Newsletter Article

Donald Klopolski is working for Rutronik24 since 2012 and is responsible for the Ruhr area and Westphalia. Before that he worked in different companies as salesman and Mr. Klopolski has finished an apprenticeship as an insulation worker (thermal-, acoustic-, and fire protection insulation). What he likes most about his job is the contact with customers and the close cooperation with his coworkers from inside sales as well as the specialized departments at Rutronik.

1.    How do you explain your job at Rutronik24 to your friends?

I am the link between Rutronik and our medium size customers. As a link it is my responsibility to advise our customers and to support them with the right solutions for their development as well as the refinement of their products.


2.      Could you tell us about your career before Rutronik24 and what you are doing now?

After my military service in the early 80s I did an apprenticeship as insulation worker. A job I did for a living in Germany and abroad until 1992. This was the year I started a new apprenticeship to become a salesman. After successful completing it in 1994 I started to work as salesman in different sectors of the industry in- and outside of Germany. When Rutronik was looking for a salesman in 2012 for its new branch Rutronik24 I applied for the job and after my thorough introduction training I am now responsible for the Ruhr area and Westphalia.


3.      What is the biggest challenge in your daily work and what do you like best about your job?

The biggest challenge is to harmonize the variety of requests (offers, samples and project planning) we receive. This is when I enjoy the contact with the customer as well as the close cooperation with my colleagues that handle the inside sales and my coworkers from the specialized departments.


4.      „If I won one million euros in the lottery, I would…”

I wouldn’t change much. I would continue to work because I enjoy it but I’d buy a house for my wife and me on one of our favorite North Sea Islands. We could use it for vacation with our whole family and spend our retirement there later as well.


5. When you are thinking about a difficult task – What helps you to figuring it out?

A stroll in nature!


6. What is your favorite destination for vacation and why?

The North Sea Islands Juist and Texel. Because the ocean, long strolls on the beach and sitting with a good book in the sand is pure relaxation to me.


7. What was the last book you read and what was it about?

The last book was “Bertha Krupp und ihre Kinder“. It’s a biography about the sole heiress of an economic empire, an impressing woman who influenced the history of the Ruhr area.


8. Which famous person dead or alive would you like to meet and why?

The unfortunately passed away Roger Willemsen because he had the talent to transform what he saw, experienced and thought of into a unique style of language.


9. Which food is your guilty pleasure?

A plate of Spaghetti al burro e formaggio with a glass of Lugana.