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Who counts on us: LED2WORK GmbH

  Newsletter Article

LED2WORK GmbH from Pforzheim, the top location for precision technology, has been established on the market for a number of years as a developer and manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for industry and has earned a good reputation with its high-quality and reliable products made in Germany. The company supplies optimal lighting with high-quality LED technology to assist with demanding visual tasks on machinery or at workstations. The LED lights are designed to provide the best illumination even in the harsh working conditions found in production halls, assembly sections, and quality control areas.

The company currently employs more than 35 people and produces over 60,000 LED lights annually on a site covering some 2,500 square meters. The lights are destined for industrial applications in the automotive segment, electrical engineering sector, plant construction and engineering industry, and many other industries and customers across four continents. The German magazine Fokus named the company one of its “Growth Champions” of 2017 and the Financial Times included it in its “FT1000 Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies” list in 2017.

LED2WORK GmbH supplies the VARILED light series, which can be fitted (and retrofitted) to machines, systems, and workstations. With a service life of 60,000 operating hours, an IP68 protection rating, and IEC III protection class, the VARILED is an economical and highly efficient lighting solution. The flat and robust design of the VARILED means it can even be used in the tightest of spaces. It is fitted into place using M5 screws or, easier still, by means of an optionally available magnetic holder set.

All lights in the VARILED series feature SAMSUNG Mid-Power 5630 LEDs supplied by Rutronik and offer top lighting performance. The VARILED provides daylight white light (5,200–5,700 K) and can even be dimmed using an external module.

The 120° beam angle and opaque PUR casting ensure particularly homogeneous and non-glare lighting. The PUR casting is resistant to chlorine and salt water and is also 100% UV stable, electrically insulating, and flame-retardant. Heat dissipation on the version of the VARILED used for mounting occurs directly via the black anodized base body. The VARILED is also available as a built-in version for machinery and plant engineering applications.

“By working with long-standing production partners and suppliers from Germany, we guarantee consistent and reliable quality at the highest level,” says managing director Jan Schiga. LED2WORK GmbH values Rutronik24 as a flexible and reliable partner, enabling it to offer its customers innovative lighting solutions. The back office staff and sales representatives provide support in all matters relating to the procurement of electronic components so that LED2WORK customers can continue to present things “in the best light” in the future.