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What we recommend - TRIAC dimmable LED drivers from RECOM

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Light is a basic human need and we prefer different light intensities depending on the mood we wish to create. Lighting that resembles daylight, for instance, helps us to concentrate better while working. In the evening, however, when we want to relax, subdued lighting creates a cozy atmosphere. TRIAC dimmers have been fitted in every household for decades. They are relatively inexpensive and hardly anybody wishes to forego the comfort of being able to set the right mood with the lighting in living and sleeping areas. Yet everything that worked well and as a matter of course with conventional bulbs presents modern LED lighting with new challenges, especially when it comes to aspects such as compatibility or EMC performance.

While light bulbs needed 230V AC, light-emitting diodes – as electronic components – generally have to be supplied with low-power DC voltage. This requires the use of special LED drivers as ballast, adapted to the number of LEDs used and their power rating. An LED driver is essentially an AC/DC ballast unit and must therefore meet all EMC guidelines, including the specifications on the performance factor and harmonics.

For such applications, RECOM supplies four new TRIAC dimmable constant-current LED drivers with power rated at 9W, 12W, 18W, and 25W and outputs ranging from 300mA to 1400mA. The particularly inexpensive modules offer dimming performance of between one and 100 percent and can be operated with both leading-edge and trailing-edge dimmers. These LED drivers are designed for retrofitting or newly installing modern lighting solutions with the option to precisely adjust the lighting atmosphere and mood in the home and on spotlights. With certification for installation in furniture, it is easily possible to create dimmable lighting for shelving as well as dimmable accent/indirect lighting.

The TRIAC dimmable constant-current LED drivers are suitable for indoor use at temperatures of up to +50°C. Easy installation is assured by the integrated cable clamps and extra-large screw terminals. The Class II (double insulated) design means that no earth connection is required. The modules are CE marked (LVD + EMC + RoHS) and have IEC61347-1/IEC61347-2-13 CB reports. Get samples within a short lead time on and as usual RECOM offers its standard three-year manufacturer’s warranty for these modules.