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What we like - E.P. Light: The art of light with artificial light

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Light is art. Light installations ensure that historical buildings shine resplendently – such as the castles in Heidelberg and Karlsruhe – and entire parks are lit up creatively and colorfully. It’s pretty to look at, but of course it isn’t exactly cheap. And for domestic use it is somewhat too extravagant.

Enter “E.P. Light”. The name of the creative light sources pays homage to Thomas Alva Edison and Jackson Pollock. Edison invented the classic light bulb found in every household for the last 100 years or so, while Pollock is considered one of the greatest abstract painters of the twentieth century. E.P. Light combines the classic look of the light bulb with modern LED technology and fantastic light creations in the style of Jackson Pollock.

The bulbs are available in three different styles: Directional Radian, Water Drop, and Suspended Blooming. E.P. Light is an LED light mixed with environmentally friendly silicon injections, which conjure up unique color variations in combination with the colorful fluids. No two bulbs are alike; each one is unique. The stylish lamps are available from 20 dollars (around 17 euros) – money well invested for an ambience that is sure to be a topic of conversation at the next party.

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