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U.R.T. extends its distribution agreement with Rutronik to cover the whole of Europe

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Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH and U.R.T. have expanded their long-standing cooperation to cover the whole of Europe. Rutronik is now to sell the U.R.T. LCD panels and modules in Northern Europe as well.

The motive for extending the franchise agreement between the two companies, which has been in existence since 2000, lies in the great success Rutronik has had in its sales of U.R.T. products hitherto, for which the company was honoured with a special award from U.R.T. last year. "Over the past ten years, Rutronik has achieved an astonishing level of performance, and we are very happy to announce that they are now our distribution partners for Northern Europe, too." says Thomas Frisch, Director of U.R.T. Europe.


Rutronik sells TFTs, FSTNs, CSTNs, touch panels and made-to-order LCDs manufactured by U.R.T.. These are primarily designed and built for industrial electronics applications, and are mainly used for monitoring and control units in the field of automation and control technology. U.R.T. products are known for their high reliability, backed up by a three-to-five-year warranty, their competitive price-performance ratio and their design flexibility. "This comprehensive range of products, offering package solutions with a wide range of diameters and mechanical characteristics, plus superior visual design and quality, forms a major part of our display portfolio." explains Michael Eger, Senior Marketing Manager Displays & Boards at Rutronik. "We are very pleased that we are now able to offer these products to all our customers throughout Europe".