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Trainees and students want to aim high

  Trainee Blog

The annual trainee day out came around again on Tuesday, 19 June 2018 when some 25 trainees and students together with training managers Julia Kolem and Jasmin Nürnberger set off for the adventure park in Nagold.

We felt a rush of excitement and anticipation upon arrival. The manager was there to greet us and we set ourselves up in the starting blocks. Given that this was of course more than just a day out we had talked about what constitutes a great team beforehand.

Communication, responsibility, motivation and other terms had been discussed in detail. So we were IN THEORY prepared for the different tasks that lay ahead.

Full of enthusiasm we climbed a four-meter wall, balanced balls with the help of two-meter ropes and maneuvered ourselves over various obstacles and courses. Despite a few repeated attempts, everyone finished the adventure trail within the allotted time. We took a well-earned break before daring to embark on the next challenge.

This involved a competition between three teams consisting of grass ski races, transporting light and heavy objects, long-distance ball-throwing, and much more. The teams that finished second and third had every reason to be as proud as the winners with everyone crossing the finishing line despite the 40-degree-air-temperature ‘feel’.

At this point the bar had been set especially high and approximately half the participants embarked on a daring climb. After a detailed safety briefing, we set off to climb further and further upwards with the help of ladders, stairs, trees and other aids. After the somewhat shaky and nerve-racking ascent, we were able to admire the breathtaking view from above, before coming slowly back down again in six cable cars. We all enjoyed watching others rise to the challenge while at the same time stretching one’s own limits to the maximum.

We ended the day with a delicious meal of grilled meats catering for every taste, accompanied by bread, potatoes and a variety of salads.

We got back on the road with a full stomach and the knowledge that there are no limits to what we can do as a team.