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The Toblerone among robot vacuum cleaners

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We freely admit that housework is a grind. Even taking out the trash after work involves a supreme superhuman effort. And the weekend is traditionally heralded by the melodic “Vrrrrrmmmmm” of the vacuum cleaner. What could be nicer?

Fortunately, resourceful tinkerers invented robot vacuum cleaners some years back to relieve us of this tedious task, but these will only work if there is not too much chaos on the floor to interfere with their rounds. What’s more, the little electronic sprites generally cannot get into the corners at all.

“This has to change!” said the developers at AEG and set about developing a triangular robot vacuum cleaner that answers to the cute name of “RX9 I X 3D Vision”. For the sake of simplicity, we’ll call it “Rixi” here. Rixi is the Toblerone among robot vacuum cleaners – not just on account of its shape and the quality typically associated with Switzerland, but also due to the steep price of 1,299 EUR. Yet Rixi is worth every cent: It uses camera/laser technology to measure each room and produce a virtual 3D view, on the basis of which it then navigates its way around. This allows the triangular robot to dodge furniture and any decorative objects or toys that may be lying around. It can also effortlessly negotiate its way over wires, carpet edges, and doorsills up to 2.2 cm high thanks to ClimbForceDrive.

There is also no need to worry about the expensive little helper falling down the stairs: Rixi recognizes stairs and turns around in time. Unlike conventional robot vacuum cleaners, the brushes are fitted on the front rather than in the middle, allowing Rixi to get closer to the dusty areas in corners and along walls. The robot cleans narrow spaces with its long bristles on the side brush – and Rixi can also easily crawl under beds, armchairs, and cupboards with clearance of ten centimeters. The cleaning wizard can vacuum a living area of 40 square meters with one battery charge. In eco mode it can manage 60 square meters at a lower output. It is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is fully charged within three and a half hours and ready for the next room.

And if you want to confuse your family or roommates with a "marauding" robot vacuum cleaner, Rixi can also be operated remotely by app (iOS and Android).