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The highest growth in sales: knitter-switch honors Rutronik as Distributor of the Year 2021

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Once again, Rutronik Elektronische Bauelmente GmbH impresses with its performance and receives the Distributor of the Year Award 2021 from the long-standing partner knitter-switch. The family-owned company generated the highest sales growth in the areas of switches and input systems.

Every year, knitter-switch honors the best distribution partner with the Distribution of the Year Award. The annual evaluation focuses on various criteria and includes sales growth, projects submitted, and new designs. In 2021, Rutronik impressed with the highest sales growth of all distributors in the areas of switches and input systems such as membrane keypads, rubber switching mats, and steel keypads.

"Rutronik is the fastest growing distributor in our core business of switches and input systems for the second year in a row. That's mainly due to the exemplary cooperation between our Sales and Rutronik offices," explains Hanspeter Külb, CEO of knitter-switch.

"Awards always recognize the performance and validate that the chosen path is the right one. Including the close coordination with knitter-switch, the products, our expertise as well as the close relationship to our customers and the knowledge of their needs. That' s the explanation why we are the distributor with the highest sales growth for the second year. We want to continue this success story with our commitment and keep setting standards in the future," adds Dr. Jakob Käpplinger, Director Product Marketing Electromechanical Components.


About knitter-switch
knitter-switch is one of the leading manufacturers of switches and input systems. Since its foundation in 1966, knitter-switch always stands for trendsetting switch technology. The company offers a wide range of switches - from simple toggle switches, pushbuttons, slide switches, tact switches, rotary coding switches, and encoders to membrane keyboards and tact switches for today's advanced telecommunications technology.

The knitter-switch headquarter is near Munich. Subsidiaries are located in England, Denmark and Asia. There are partnerships with leading distributors. The company website is: