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Rutronik will Cooperate with the Universitat de Barcelona

Created by Janina Weber |   2016

Barcelona, 16 November 2016 – Rutronik España, S.L. is starting to cooperate in the training of engineers at the Universitat de Barcelona. The distributor provides learning and training materials for various courses supplying components, demo boards and development tools.

By this collaboration we are investing in the future. Thanks to Rutronik, the students' knowledge does not stay only theoretical. With our components they can implement what they have learned using the most innovative technology needed by the industry," says the Country Manager of Rutronik, Marc Guinovart López. The training material is adapted to the objectives of the corresponding courses. As a result, students practically learn with the tools which the market demands, putting them in a better position to obtain optimum results.

Rutronik cooperates with the Faculty of Physics, Engineering Department: Electronics Section by providing hardware, electronic components, demo boards and tools with special support focused on sensors, laboratory and new development technologies. The Electronics Department organizes innovative activities to complete their program and thus achieve educational consolidation in addition to research activities. With the cooperation of Mr. Jordi Colomer Farrarons, the main objective is that via initiative laboratory practices, creativity and technological decision will be strengthened. In the first phase of cooperation, Rutronik will provide free tools for the courses of "Biomedical Equipment and Instruments", "Biomedical Microchips", "Applied Electronics" and "Engineering Projects". In selecting the courses, the projects which combine learning and research are especially emphasized. In this way, future engineers will be fully prepared for a future high-level accreditation.