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Rutronik receives ‘European Distributor Award 2010/2011’ from Omron

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Omron Electronic Components Europe BV has presented Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH with its ‘European Distributor Award 2010/2011’. Rutronik was chosen to receive this award as a result of the disproportionate growth which it has been able to achieve across Europe with Omron's components.

The agreement between Rutronik and Omron began in 1998 and was expanded to cover all of Europe in 2009. "In the first year of our pan-European cooperation, Rutronik has exceeded all our expectations, recording growth which is unparalleled in our distribution network," explains Alex Grout, Omron European Distribution Manager. "The reason for this success is due to Rutronik's expert representation of our entire product range. As a result, we have become an important supplier for Rutronik and Rutronik an important distributor for us – in other words, a close and reliable partnership."


Omron's product range comprises switches, connectors, sensors and relays. They are used primarily in building automation, energy control, home appliances, industrial controllers and telecommunications as well as in numerous other sectors. Particularly exceptional are Omron's micro switches in extremely small installation sizes and the large selection of lever switch and terminating plug options. "Omron components are renowned worldwide for their high quality," explains Volker Buchmann, Marketing Director Electromechanical Components at Rutronik. "This makes Omron an important partner, characterised by superb innovation and absolute reliability when it comes to delivery."