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Rutronik offers a new T-series of Snubberless™ Triacs and 16A from STMicroelectronics

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The new T-series Triacs offer more choice for different types of loads. Parts of ST’s new T-series, the T1635T-8I Snubberless™ 16A Triac, are designed for an increasing number of AC loads in appliance control applications.


The triacs are available in a ceramic-insulated TO-220AB package, which meets both immunity and high-commutation needs, offering a cost-effective solution with excellent trade-off of surge current versus immunity and commutation. The package is also RoHS (2002/95/EC) compliant.

The 3-quadrant triacs cannot be turned on in the fourth quadrant which is favorable in applications with inductive loads. Furthermore all components are snubberless devices so a resistive/capacitive network is not necessary (if the datasheet limits are respected). The series provides an insulated tab (rated at 2500Vrms) and is UL certified (ref. file E81734). The devices are intended for circuits where high static and dynamic dV/dt and high dI/ dt can occur.

Target applications include general purpose AC line load switching, home appliance, fan, pump, solenoid, lighting, heaters, inrush current limiting circuits and overvoltage crowbar protection circuits.

You will find more information on the Snubberless™ Tricas from STMicroelectronics on the e-commerce platform (where you can also place orders directly):

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