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Writing and drawing have always been pretty straightforward activities: Simply take a sheet of paper and a pen or a keyboard, screen, and editing program and that’s it – easy, convenient … and two-dimensional. Yet alternatives to the classic way of getting things down on paper have existed for some time now: 3D pens. One of the better known examples is the Lix Pen.

The pen works on the same principle as a 3D printer: By quickly heating and cooling the material, it is possible to write in the air and create structures and works of art - from simple lettering to entire paintings. Several filaments are available - from harder and more temperature-resistant versions that melt at 180 °C and flow out of the pen at 230 °C to colorful varieties that are a little less strong, although these are plant-based and even emit a pleasant aroma.

Lix Pen provides numerous options for creative spirits to let their imaginations run wild - and at 99 US dollars, it is affordable for every pocket. Further information and tutorial videos can be found at