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Omron awards Rutronik the "Distributor Excellence 2014"

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Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH has received the "Distributor Excellence 2014" award from Omron Electronic Components Europe B.V. With this award, the supplier of high-quality plug connectors, switches, and relays is rewarding Rutronik for its outstanding performance, first-class support, and services.

Rutronik has been distributing Omron's portfolio of electromechanical components in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Eastern Europe since 1998 and across the whole of Europe since 2010. With its extensive product spectrum, Omron is an important supplier of high-quality switches, relays, plug connectors, and extraordinarily small microswitches for Rutronik, products which can be used in the fields of telecommunications and building automation as well as in domestic appliances, energy controls, and industrial controls. "Omron is one of our most outstanding partners and never fails to amaze with the innovation and reliability of its deliveries. We are delighted with the great cooperation and of course particularly thrilled about this award," explained Martin Unsöld, Senior Marketing Manager Relays, Batteries, Fuses, Switches, and Thermal Management at Rutronik.

Omron presents the "Distributor Excellence" award annually to the distributor with the best service. The focus is on customer support, availability, demand creation, pre-sales support, and post-sales support in particular. Omron has now presented the award to Rutronik: "With this award, we want to thank Rutronik for the many years of outstanding partnership. The team has already been delivering an extraordinary performance and representing our range excellently for many years. Accounting for around 20% of our distribution sales, Rutronik is one of our TOP 3 sales and distribution partners," said Leon Mordang, Chief Operating Officer of OMRON Electronic Components Europe.