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New group of Renesas microcontrollers with advanced touch features at Rutronik

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Improved robustness of the touch sensor makes the new RX130 microcontroller family from Renesas ideal for use in wet environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. The MCUs are now available at


The newly integrated capacitive touch sensor features improved sensitivity and noise immunity and operates better in wet conditions. It thus offers greater responsiveness for touch-based applications while also enabling the use of touch keys in wet environments and on non-traditional materials such as wood.

Equipped with a new RX v2 core, the 38 new RX130 MCUs promise more performance with less power usage than previous models. Further hardware features include an improved code flash memory, embedded security features, HMI support, and a large user memory. The maximum supply voltage is 5.5V. They are fully compatible with the company’s RX231/RX230 touch MCUs.

The RX130 MCU group is compliant with safety standard IEC/UL60730 for consumer electronics and thus especially suitable for household appliances with touch panels but can also be applied in the industrial sector.

Renesas supplies two kits for the MCUs:
The starter kit enables full evaluation of the controller and features a self-contained E2 on-chip debugger with capacitive touch sliders and keys.
The capacitive touch evaluation system enables the precise evaluation of various touch functions, for example the testing of buttons, sliders, wheels, matrix keys, and proximity sensors. The kit can be used as a reference tool when developing boards or software and enables simple prototyping.  

Rutronik now stocks the new MCUs in 48, 64, 80, and 100-pin packages with up to 512KB on-chip flash memory.

You will find more information on the Renesas RX130 microcontroller family on the e-commerce platform (where you can also place orders directly): (R5F51308ADFL#30) (R5F51308ADFP#30) (RTK5RX1300C00000BR) (YRTK5051308S00000BE) (RTK0EG0003S02001BJ)

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