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New at Rutronik: Intel® Core™ i7+ and Core™ i5+ Boxed Solutions

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The Intel® Core™ i7+ and Core™ i5+ Boxed Solutions combine Intel Core processors of the eighth generation with Intel Optane technology. This results in complete packages that bring

significant performance boost to both notebooks and desktop PCs. They are available at as of now.


The combination of powerful processors and Optane Cache modules accelerates especially systems with HDDs. It serves both in desktop PCs and notebooks as an alternative to the use of SSDs. The modules are already adjusted to each other and can be used immediately without cumbersome configuration.

The eighth generation of Intel Core-i processors operates at 2.8GHz (i5-8400) or 3.2GHz (i7-8700). With Intel Turbo Boost technology it can speed up to 4GHz (i5) or 4.6GHz (i7). The processors have six cores, six (i5) and twelve (i7) threads and a new 4K decoder and encoder. Furthermore the series supports Dual-Channel DDR4 and integrates an Intel UHD Graphics 630 GPU.

The SSD modules of the Optane series are based on the new 3D XPoint memory technology. Developed by Intel in collaboration with Micron, 3D XPoint is not only faster and more durable than Flash modules, but also has lower latencies. Thanks to Intel Smart Cache Technology, the Optane modules serve as intelligent working memories. In the boxed solutions Intel combines the processors with Optane Memory M10 series with 16 Gigabyte storage space.

The new boxed solutions are available on in three versions (i7+8700, i5+8500, i5+8400).

You will find more information on the Boxed Solutions from Intel on the e-commerce platform (where you can also place orders directly): (R3QT) (R3XE) (R3QS)

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