New at Rutronik: Connectors of the DX07 series from JAE with USB4® version 2.0

10/05/2023 Product News

With the launch of USB4 version 2.0, transfer speeds of up to 80 Gbps are possible – an increase of 400 %. This new specification is based on the concept of tunneling, which enables the combination of several protocols via a single interface and thus provides a significant increase in flexibility. Depending on the device, the transmission of USB 3.2 data and charging/storage information (PCIe) or display connections (DisplayPort) is feasible. Continuing the USB Type-C® form factor provides advantageous backward compatibility. Nevertheless, to meet the new signal integrity requirements for USB4 and to be certified for use in USB4® devices at 40 Gbit/s, JAE developed completely new and improved connectors and cables with the DX07 Series USB4®, available at

The series includes the following components:

  • Receptacle connectors as onboard (hybrid or SMT) and mid-mount (SMT) versions:

Here the internal design has been optimized to improve signal integrity performance. A new feature is that connectors must now successfully pass SI tests to obtain USB4 40 Gbps (Gen 3) certification. The DX07S024JAAR1100, for example, is an I/O connector that can be used in 24 positions in a flexible, right-angle manner. With a maximum rated current of 5 A and a rated voltage of 48 Vrms, as well as an initial contact resistance of 40 mΩ or insulation resistance of at least 100 MΩ, this component is suitable for use in PCs, tablets, VR/AR, and SSD applications.

  • Plug connector:

JAE's connector has been included as a Golden Plug in the official test fixture for the USB4 certification test. Important: Connectors cannot receive direct USB4 40 Gbps certification. USB 3.2 Gen 2 certification is the highest possible performance certification for connectors and can be used in USB4 40 Gbps certified harnesses. JAE has developed a new connector with improved SI performance and a thermoformed housing specifically for this application.

  • Cable harness:

JAE developed a USB4 40 Gbps certified passive harness.

Examples of applications:

  • Smartphones and tablets
  • PCs
  • Digital photo and video cameras
  • Bluetooth earphones/headphones
  • VR/AR headsets
  • Monitors
  • Hubs and sockets
  • USB chargers
  • Printers
  • POS terminals
  • Powerbank

For more information to the DX07 series USB4® by JAE and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at

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Flexibility and fast data transfer with connectors from JAE with the latest USB specification USB4 version 2.0.