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My bike has everything

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“My bike has everything – the list is long,

So it’s unlikely things will go wrong,

And when I’m cycling along the street,

A bike like this is hard to beat.”

That's how the children's song sung by Rolf Zuckowski and his friends begins. The bike in the song has everything a person could need: a bell, brakes, front and back light, reflectors, and of course a helmet - long before the German Federal Ministry of Transport's controversial helmet campaign. So far, so good. When the song was released in 1979, all of these things were state of the art and remain so to this day.

Unlike back then, present-day bikes may largely have the same safety features, but while a drink bottle holder was considered a gadget at the end of the 1970s, today's cyclists have the opportunity to upgrade their bikes with many other gimmicks. Those who embark on a longer cycling tour, for example, must either rely on old-fashioned cycle maps or resort to their smartphones and stop to look at them. That's annoying. As soon as it gets dark, they have to get off and switch the lights on. That's also annoying. And anyone who has ever had their bike stolen knows that it is more than just annoying. It's a nightmare.

The SmartHalo SH001 bike assistant promises a solution in all three cases: The intuitive light indicators will navigate you safely to your destination. If the sun sets while you're on your way there, the assistant switches the lights on for you. And if an unauthorized person jumps onto the saddle, it triggers the internal motion sensor alarm. The alarm will only be deactivated when it detects the connected smartphone. The SmartHalo's touch screen also displays fitness goals and the time. Very practical!