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ILPER Elektronik and Rutronik24 – a good partnership

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Top-quality manufacturing, innovative technology, high performance, and reliability – those are the trademarks of the electronic components produced by ILPER-Elektronik. This is all made possible by the constructive and trusting collaboration with Rutronik24.

Parts for many different components are supplied by Rutronik and used in a wide range of assembly groups. “The low number of returns is a testament to the ruggedness and reliability of our products and the electronic components fitted within them,” says Bernd Ilper, managing director of ILPER-Elektronik. “If our name appears on a type plate, then the quality of the product must also live up to it.”


Shaping the future means developing and producing visions and ideas for the technology of tomorrow. In the age of globalization, however, there is hardly a player capable of still doing this alone. Nowadays, the way toward a successful future tends to be via strong and enduring partnerships. With a successful partner like Rutronik24, success and progress can be achieved in both good and difficult times.


ILPER Elektronik has managed to develop a global innovation using the right parts supplied by Rutronik: a plug connection for nurse call buttons on hospital beds, which works magnetically on a contactless basis. This allows the plug to be rotated through 360 degrees when plugged in, without damaging anything.


For more than 30 years, ILPER-Elektronik has been developing advanced systems that can be run and operated without any technical training. ILPER Elektronik incorporates this philosophy into its products. In addition to just manufacturing products, it also draws up individual plans for nurse call systems in care homes, hospitals, and establishments for disabled people.


The head office of ILPER-Elektronik is located in Lower Saxony, between Hamburg and Bremen. The town is called Tarmstedt, which is in the district of Rotenburg (Wümme). This is where the products are developed and also largely manufactured. State-of-the-art manufacturing machinery and final assembly and inspection by a motivated team guarantee the consistently high quality of the products.

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