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Heating with precision and power: Rutronik adds H 540 S heating element from Heraeus Nexensos to its product range


Stability and rapidity for demanding applications: The H 540 heating element from Heraeus Nexensos combines reliable long-term stability with a wide application temperature range. Its small size, short heat-up time and consistent thermal properties provide an ideal solution for precise heating of gases, solids and liquids. Stringent manufacturing controls ensure consistent heater dimensions and resistances, ensuring a highly reproducible holding temperature and heating ramp. The H 540 S heater is available at

Small and powerful

The microheater with thin-film platinum meander impresses with its powerful performance with a particularly small area of just 20 mm2 (5.2 x 3.9 x 1.0 mm) and precise temperature measurements in the range from -25°C to +800°C. The temperature coefficient is 3850 ppm/K. The long-term stability and fast response time („≥12 sec. from 25°C to 700°C ) are essential features for applications that require the highest precision: 

Nozzle temperature control in 3D printing

Temperature control of laser crystals 

Evaporation of liquids in inhalers 

Gas and sensor temperature control in gas sensors 

Laboratory and analytical instruments 

Industrial automation 



Heating solutions tailored to individual customer requirements are also available with appropriate purchase volumes. 


For more information about Heraeus Nexensos Heater H 540 S and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at 


Contact Person:

José Angel Iglesias Mazuelos, Product Manager Resistors

+49 7231 801 1421 | jose.iglesias(at)


Yagmur Demirli, Product Sales Manager Resistors

 +49 7231 801 1328 | yagmur.demirli(at)