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Good for the cows, good for the farmer

  Newsletter Article

Every day, digitalization produces innovations that simplify and revolutionize everyday life. Everybody is talking about Industry 4.0, but smart devices aren’t just finding their way into industry. Agriculture is also benefiting from new technological possibilities. One good example of how a good idea can be turned into a product that simplifies and improves the everyday lives of farmers is our health tracking system.

At Innocow, we believe that the key to improving the living conditions of the dairy cows and the economic situation of the farmers in equal measure lies in exploiting the untapped potential of digitalized dairy farming. We want to continue to digitalize dairy farming with the aid of modern technology and the latest research findings. To this end, we have developed an automated health diagnosis system for dairy cows. The system not only records the vital data and activity of the cows in real time, but also integrates it into a herd management system. The additional information contained therein - current key operating figures and the results from the monthly milk output review - is also incorporated into the analysis using our self-learning algorithms. The analyses and findings also play a key role in determining the economic success of businesses in the farming industry.

We use a self-developed indoor localization system to locate the cows in the shed and record their day-to-day movements. The animals' freedom to move in the cow sheds permits natural behavior, which in turn makes it possible to gain insights into illness and estrus cycles. We have developed intelligent algorithms that can use this data to learn by themselves. This allows us to incorporate all current and historical data of all the cows from every dairy farm into the analysis. The diagnoses are made available to the farmer via a Web application.

Our product thus allows us to strike the right balance between healthy cows, happy farmers, and fair milk prices, creating benefits on three levels: We improve the farmers' economic situation, improve the cows' quality of life, and meet the needs of the end consumer for inexpensive yet animal-friendly dairy products. Our system also gives the farmers information about estrus cycles and the health of the herd in order to help them to optimize their production. After all, identifying sick cows and estrus cycles at an early state allows farmers to increase their yields, because it prevents unnecessary insemination and treatment expenses while also increasing milk output thanks to healthier cows. Intervention in the physical functions of the cow and the resulting negative effects on the cow are avoided.

The components for InnoCow come from Rutronik24. With its broad product portfolio and extensive consulting services, the sales organization is the ideal partner for our company.