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globio® – the alarm system you can take anywhere

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Do you keep important documents or valuables in the hotel room during a business trip? Would you like to spend the rest of the evening relaxing at the bar while the little ones are asleep in the vacation apartment? Or perhaps protect your home, office, and workshop from unwanted guests with very little effort involved?

The concept of the Potsdam start-up globio UG is based on the idea of turning an old, used, or discarded Android smartphone into an alarm control center and fitting it with an external alarm sensor. With very little effort, this creates an alarm system that can call you, take photos, or play a loud sound, for example, in the event of an emergency. The globio app developed for this system has been downloaded almost one million times from the Google Play Store, because it can also be used to analyze the numerous sensors contained within the smartphone.

It is no longer possible to imagine living in a world without cell phones. Smartphones can now do many things for which we still needed separate devices not that long ago. They are at once a (video) camera, flashlight, dictating machine, MP3 player, pocket calculator, TV, and, not least, a communication medium. It is now quite normal to upgrade to the latest smartphone every one or two years. Even though the "old" devices are still in good working order, they accumulate in a drawer or are sold to a new owner for little money.

globio UG has made it its mission to develop useful and innovative accessories for the smartphone in order to exploit new application areas. The globio #JACKY product range, for example, features various external alarm sensors, such as a door or window contact or a motion sensor, which can be used to convert the smartphone into an alarm system. The particularly compact design of the sensors calls for the use of miniature electronic components, which makes great demands on quality and reliability in the manufacturing process. In this regard, globio can depend on an expert partner: the start-up relies on Rutronik24 when selecting its components.

Twenty five percent of a smartphone is made up of metals such as copper, iron, nickel, zinc, and tin as well as lead, cobalt, coltan, and lithium and the precious metals silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. Thanks to the globio concept, older smartphones are given a new lease of life and help to conserve our natural resources. At the same time, globio UG values the advantages of Rutronik24 as a supplier of manufacturing components and as a company that showcases its ideas around the world.