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Expansion in China and south-east Asia coincides with appointment of new Rutronik General Manager Asia

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Rutronik Elektronische Bauelemente GmbH is strengthening its presence in China with an office in Xiang. The new office in Bangkok, Thailand, serves the south-east Asian and Indian markets.

In the first stage, Rutronik and its four employees are serving primarily existing customers with branches and production in the ASEAN/India region; in the second stage, efforts will also be made to acquire new customers. Rutronik's entire product range is available to them, as well as production support, on-site logistics, development and sales support. As with all other branch offices, Bangkok has also been seamlessly integrated into the Rutronik structure, enabling Rutronik to also provide integrated support for European projects and designs here and to serve its customers directly on site. All deliveries originate from the warehouse in Hong Kong. "South-east Asia and India will be strategically important markets for Rutronik in the future," explains Markus Krieg, Managing Director Marketing at Rutronik. "In particular, Thailand, Indonesia and the Indian subcontinent are recording high growth rates, with respect to both exports and increasing domestic demand."   
Peter Klöpfer, Sales Director South-East Asia and India, is responsible for the sales region and reports directly to Markus Krieg. Beginning as an FAE before becoming a product group manager in Marketing, Klöpfer has worked at Rutronik for 18 years. Most recently, during his time as Technical Director, he played a significant part in setting up the Rutronik branch offices in China. "Highly qualified in terms of both strategic and technical skills, Peter Klöpfer also demonstrates great understanding of the Asian mindset, and he will successfully establish Rutronik in the ASEAN/India region," says Markus Krieg.   
The branch office in Xiang (China) provides support for the existing offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Chengdu (China), Hong Kong and Taipei (Taiwan). Here, more than 40 staff from the respective region serve Rutronik customers on site as field sales engineers, internal sales assistants and field application engineers. "We are recording astonishing growth in China, more than half of which is generated by Asian customers. In order to maintain our service level, we must continue to expand here," says Markus Krieg.   
New General Manager at Rutronik Asia  
This expansion has coincided with a change in leadership at Rutronik Asia: As the new General Manager, Gerhard Weinhardt has taken on responsibility for Rutronik Asia. He replaces Lambert Hilkes, who will retire at the end of March. Until then, he will remain available to the company as a consultant. Gerhard Weinhardt has more than 14 years of sales and distribution experience in the electronics industry. Since 2000, he has held a number of different positions at Rutronik, the most recent being Sales Director Asia in Asia. "Lambert Hilkes played a significant part in the development and establishing of Rutronik Asia, setting it on an extremely successful and promising course. We thank him for the knowledge he has brought to the company and the commitment he has shown. We wish him all the best for the future! In Gerhard Weinhardt, we have found an extremely competent and ambitious successor, who will continue the successful advancement of our Asian business," explains Markus Krieg.