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Dorazil Mikro-Elektronik is an SME based in Berlin. Ever since the company was founded in 1977, it has focused on the development and manufacture of customer-specific thick film hybrid circuits.

Over the course of time, the company has made a whole host of manufacturing technologies its own. Besides the original business field of hybrid technology, for instance, the classic process of PCB assembly using surface-mount and through-hole technology has been a growing area of activity for a number of years. There is also increasing demand for the bonding technology used for unhoused semiconductors (chips/dies) on PCBs and ceramic substrates.

The wide range of joining technologies available to us today is not only a driver of innovative products, but also an inherent part of the company's continuing development.

Together with our customers, we are moving into territory where we are pushing the physical boundaries of the most diverse kinds of applications. Accordingly, as a result of cooperation partnerships with various research establishments - such as the Fraunhofer Institute, the German Aerospace Center, and Rostock University Medical Center - Dorazil is constantly acquiring new expertise in these wide-ranging areas, from which all of our customers benefit.

SMD technology alone is rapidly evolving in a number of different ways - the designs are getting smaller and the components are becoming ever more complex to manufacture. In the area of automated optical inspection in particular, the company has geared itself up for the future by making the right investments today.

From a strategic perspective, Dorazil is focusing on mid-to-high tech in low-to-mid-volumes. Our customers - and thus perhaps you - can count on us as early as the development phase with the help of our technical consultancy services. We are also on hand to assist start-ups or younger companies and can help them to achieve specific aims.

Rutronik24 has always been a reliable partner throughout. We couldn't and indeed wouldn't want to be without the company.