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Who is actually Vincenzo Cravagno?

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Italian flair in the Rutronik24 family: Vincenzo Cravagno has been a field sales representative in the area around Frankfurt since October 2018. He prefers to go to Sicily on vacation to visit his family and would buy a house if he won the lotto.

Tell us about your career at Rutronik/Rutronik24.
I joined the Rutronik24 family in October 2018. After an extensive induction phase, I have been a field sales representative in the area around Frankfurt since mid-December 2018. As I envisage my future at Rutronik24, I am motivated, always positive, and focused on success.

What do you most enjoy about your job?
Besides constantly dealing with different characters, it is undoubtedly the fact that every day brings a new experience that isn't always foreseeable.

"If I won a million euros on the lotto, I would ..."
... definitely start looking around for a suitable home.

When you approach a difficult task - what helps you to think?
When looking for a solution to difficult problems, it often helps me to change the perspective in order to identify causal relationships and reach the right conclusions as to how to proceed further. Alternatively, listening to ear-splittingly loud rock music also helps me to find fresh ideas.

Where do you prefer to go on vacation and why?
In Sicily. I grew up there, so I associate my childhood memories with the place - and it is always nice to see the family again. The landscape is also breathtaking.

What was the last book you read?
Sigmund Freud's short essay on the relationship between transience and its different perspectives.

What couldn't you do without in your life?
Freedom - I consider breathing space to be indispensable - both in my private and professional life.

Do you have a nickname and if so, where does it originate?
Vince; in familiar circles, the short form of my name has quite simply caught on over the years.

What is your favorite pastime?
I can't live without sport - although I don't get to play it as often as I would like on account of my work-based degree course. Naturally I also like to meet up with my friends and acquaintances.