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Who is actually... Roy Rother?

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Roy Rother has been a member of the Rutronik family, serving as a field sales representative since July 1, 2015. This passionate golfer works in the Frankfurt office and is responsible for the Hesse region and parts of Lower Franconia and Lower Saxony. Before joining Rutronik, Rother was self-employed with a wholesaler for kindergarten equipment, educational toys and learning aids.

1. How do you explain your job at Rutronik24 to friends and family?

I am the point of contact between Rutronik and our customers. My main task is to advise customers from the electrical manufacturing industry, to sell them the required components and to support them.


2. Would you tell us about your career at Rutronik24?

As someone who changed careers to join the electronic component distribution segment, Rutronik gave me the opportunity to develop and evolve professionally - not least thanks to the very well-structured induction and training. There are also internal opportunities for further training and advancement, and that's why I'm looking forward to a future with and at Rutronik.


3. What is the largest challenge in your day-to-day work and what do you like best about your work?

The greatest challenge to maintain a mental perspective of our enormous portfolio of over three million different products as best we can so that we can capably respond to the queries and concerns of our customers. I most appreciate the personal contact and the dealings with my customers. Whether eating lunch together or meeting for an introductory talk, having that personal connection is something I believe to be indispensable.


4. "If I won a million dollars in the lottery, I would..."

I'm a passionate golfer. I'd use the money to expand my garden to include a putting and chipping green. And if there's anything left of the money, I'd invite my entire family on a vacation in the Caribbean.


5. When you're thinking about a difficult task - what helps you to think?

The concept that many things were difficult in the past, but never impossible.


6. What's your favorite vacation destination and why?

So far, Thailand has appealed to me most - that was the best vacation I've ever had until now. I only have the fondest memories of it.


7. Which book did you most recently read and what's it about?

"Mighty Senile - A Satirical Trip through Time to Vladimir Putin's Retirement." I especially like the irreverent tone and the digs against one of the most powerful people in the world that the author applies to his writing.


8. If you take three things (THINGS! Not people!) with you to a desert island - what would you take with you?

As a golfer, I'd of course have to take my golf bag and a lifetime supplies of balls - after all, it's only to be expected that I'd end up knocking countless balls into the ocean from a desert island. Just in case, I'd also take a satellite phone and original Frankfurt green sauce with apple wine!


9. Which famous person - living or dead - would you like to meet, and why?

Steve Jobs - I think he was one of the greatest visionaries of the modern age. His drive made Apple one of the most valuable companies in the world - he's not been forgotten, or beaten!